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Partner Program

Bring Your Customers to the Cloud...

We'll Make It Easy...Helping Every Step of the Way

From our award-winning WaaS solution, pricing that is disruptive in the commission plans that are highly lucrative for our engaged partner support team...we have built the partner program for expanding your business in the cloud.

We Market Exclusively Through the Channel
As a sales partner, our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution provides you the opportunity to change the economies of your business. Our focus is 100% on helping you do just that, growing a successful cloud business.

Your Current Customer Base Works in the Cloud
Who's our ideal customer? The business has:

  • 10 to 100+ Employees | Yet, this number continues to grow
  • A Mobile Workforce | they have folks who travel or spend a good deal of time away from the office
  • They HATE IT Projects | once a company is in the cloud, they can cut their IT expense and hassle
  • A Very Sweet Spot | They are about to deploy new servers! Stop one needs to own servers anymore!

Build Your Business in the Cloud
More and more companies are turning to the cloud to support their IT, now is the time to add nWorkSpace, our WaaS solution, to the product set you currently represent, and grow your business into the cloud. Our program includes:

  • A Turn-Key Workspace as a Service Cloud Solution
  • Help in Closing Business | Sales, Engineering and Marketing Support
  • Disruptive Pricing
  • Aggressive Commissions from Sticky Customers
  • We Handle All Provisioning, Billing and Customer Care
  • Our Solutions: Workspace as a Service | MS Office 365 | Hosted QuickBooks | Application Hosting | Abila Hosting

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